Get fit gaming with Yourself Fitness for PC, Xbox or PS2

Yourself Fitness, an alternative to shoot 'em up Xbox and PS2 games, is a diet and fitness program that acts as your "virtual personal trainer." » 11/01/05 11:00am 11/01/05 11:00am

Email kills concentration more than pot

Discover Magazine cites a study where two groups of people took IQ tests: one that was under the influence of marijuana and the other that was interrupted by email messages - and the potheads performed better. » 11/01/05 10:00am 11/01/05 10:00am

Geekette: Getting Started with Digg

By Erica Sadun
Website provides social bookmarking with a twist. Users submit stories for communal review rather than editorial inspection. » 10/31/05 1:00pm 10/31/05 1:00pm

TVHarmony AutoPilot

Developer TVHarmony's new AutoPilot beta software automatically transfers, converts and stores TV shows from TiVo into your favorite formats, including AVI, Sony PSP and iPod Video. » 10/31/05 12:30pm 10/31/05 12:30pm

Free Software: Essential PIM

Today only. Essential PIM is offering free Pro licenses for their software. Follow the link to their home page, click on the Halloween logo and enter your registration information. » 10/31/05 11:30am 10/31/05 11:30am

TGIF: This week's best posts

Free iPod Cartoons

Channel Frederator launches next week at the iTunes Music store. It's a free weekly cartoon video podcast. (You'd think by now people would have started calling these vidcasts, but the name hasn't caught on yet.) » 10/28/05 5:00pm 10/28/05 5:00pm